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VisitMind is a website to host online interactive and collaborative learning tools and resources, such as, Effective typed notes, Smartest clipboard organizer for the web, Podcast player for your articles, Shortcuts for Google Docs among others.

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Getting the most out of their educational experience

Visitmind is a collection of fantastic tools and resources ! You’ll find here the best apps and websites to help you with your work ! Browse through our main categories to discover the perfect tools for your needs.

What we offer

An all-in-one collaborative platform


Access dozens of tools and resources

For each topics of your interest, develop skills and knowledge using useful tools and resources we’ve collected .


Get rewards and advantages

For each comments and rating you leave on a tool or resources you’ve used, you’ll earn points. These can be turned into discounts for diverse resources, tools, events and more.


Share your experience

Found a really helpful tool ? Or had a hard time understanding how another one worked ? Leave your comments and tips on Visitmind and exchange with other students. 


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Using Visitmind also means joining a community. You’ll be able to talk and learn from other’s experience. Whether you’re a freshman or a soon-to-be graduate doctorant, everyone is welcome !

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