About us

Who we are?

College Students, like you, we are graduate already. We decided to create this space because of our own experience. 

When we started the internship and the professional we notice how different and even was the change between the academic and the real world, we felt that we didn’t have had enough opportunities to try more real experiences that helped us in our career.

We noticed the same problem with other students, who spoke with us about their experiences, so we thought, !Hey, why not create an educational space to help college students during the transition from college life to professional life?.

That is how VisitMind born. We want to focus on your needs, doubts, problems related to the change from a student to a professional, we hope to offer you a place where you feel identified and comfortable to speak, ask and have access to tools, resources among others to help and guide you.

How do we choose the tools ?



We look for new educational tools that fit criteria like quality, usability, applicability, efficiency, and value. 



We contact the creator of the tool, he/she give the approve to be part of the list.



We test each one of the tools to ensure that these materials are the right ones.



We add the tool into the catalog.

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