Personal Financial Skills For Students & Young Adults

Embark on a transformative financial journey with our comprehensive program to equip you with essential money management skills, empowering you to build a secure financial future. From budget mastery to tax understanding, dive into a risk-free, engaging learning environment and emerge financially savvy and confident. Start your path to financial well-being today
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Who are we?

Led by Dana Kohn, a high school senior and visionary creator, with support from VisitMind's founder Angelica. We're passionate about personal finance and we've crafted a transformative learning experience to empower you with essential financial skills.

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VisitMind's Personal Finance course transformed my financial game! The approach is relatable and insightful. I went from constant financial confusion to confidently budgeting and making smart money decisions. Highly recommend.

College student

As a recent grad, I was overwhelmed by the financial unknowns. VisitMind's course was a lifeline. From understanding taxes to smart credit card management, it's a great guide for navigating adulthood.

Young adult

VisitMind understands the financial challenges young professionals face. The course doesn't just teach; it empowers. I've gained confidence in my financial decisions, and that's priceless knowledge to me.

College student

As a parent, I wanted to instill good financial habits in my kids. VisitMind's course was the perfect resource. Now, we discuss budgets and financial goals at the dinner table. It's never too early to start.


Budgeting used to be a snooze-fest until VisitMind dropped this course.. Module 6? A game-changer. Seriously, you'll wonder why you weren't taught this in school.

High schooler

Personal Financial Skills for Students & Young Adults

An exciting path to develop your personal financial skills in an easy and funny way

  • Dana Kohn

    Business Developer Manager at VisitMind

  • Angelica Liberato

    Founder at VisitMind

It will be easy

Personal finance is a life skill without complexity

Why crunch numbers when you can savor the sweet taste of financial simplicity?

  • Spending habits

    Unfollow overspending, make your wallet as happy as you are

  • Expense tracking

    Numbers may be boring, but your savings won't be

  • Impulse spending

    Say goodbye to 3 AM shopping sprees!

  • Lack of Financial Skills

    Unleash your inner finance guru

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How Will you Develop Personal Financial Skills?

Embark on an exciting journey with our 8 brain-boosting interactive modules.

  • 1. Introduction to Personal Finances

    Gain an understanding of personal finance, its significance, and the foundational principles of financial literacy.

  • 2. A Needs vs A Want

    Learn to differentiate between essential needs and discretionary wants, fostering better financial decision-making

  • 3. Setting Financial Goals

    Discover how to define, set, and prioritize S.M.A.R.T. financial goals, ensuring a clear path to financial success.

  • 4. Developing Healthy Financial Habits

    Cultivate the necessary skills and mindset for sustaining sound financial practices.

  • 5. Income and Expense Tracking

    Methods for monitoring, managing, and enhancing your income and expenses, empowering financial control.

  • 6. Creating a Personal Budget

    Acquire knowledge and practical skills to establish, manage, and optimize personal budgets.

  • 7. Managing Credit Cards

    Understanding credit cards, responsible usage, and the art of building good credit.

  • 8. Taxes and Credit

    Explore various tax types, filing methods, and their impacts on personal finances

Develop your skills

More to come

What Does It Include?

  • 8Downloadable documents for each module summarizing the key points

  • 1Interactive map of cheap fun activities to do in the U.S.A.

  • 15+Short texts, easy to follow and understand

  • 9Interactive videos

  • 5Simulation games to understand topics in a simple way

  • 1Matching game

  • 3Immersive case studies

  • 3Templates to track your income, expenses, needs, and wants

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Join the journey #SavingMyWallet

A dedicated team is here to guide you toward financial well-being.

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The time is now

By 2028, 40% of Students Will be Mandated to Take a Personal Finance Course

More than 4 out of 10 high school students in the U.S. will be enrolled in high schools where taking a personal finance course is obligated before graduation. (CNBC)

Learn lifelong lessons

Acquiring personal finance skills now will create long-lasting effective habits!

Financial literacy is essential

7 states in the U.S. received an โ€œAโ€ grade in education due to their requirement of a personal finance course in high school. (CNBC)

Finance is our future

23 states are projected to require high school graduates to take a personal finance course


Questions and answers

  • What are the technical requirements for participating in the course?

    Absolutely no prior knowledge requiredโ€”just a desire to learn and empower yourself financially! The technical requirements include a stable internet connection, access to a computer or mobile device, and basic software applications for viewing documents and videos. Embark on the journey with us to financial literacy!

    You will need a reliable internet connection and a device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

  • What is the cost of the course, and are there any additional fees?

    Unlock a world of financial knowledge for just $29.99! Enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 50%โ€”no hidden fees, just affordable learning!

  • How long is the course, and what's the time commitment?

    The course is self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own speed. On average, participants complete it in about six weeks, dedicating a few hours per week.

  • How do I enroll?

    Enrolling is a breeze! Simply click on any of the links above, and a new tab will take you away to our course page!

  • How is the course structured, and what kind of content can I expect?

    The course consists of nine modules covering various aspects of personal finance, including budgeting, taxes, credit, and more. Expect a mix of videos, simulations, quizzes, and practical exercises to enhance your learning.

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