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5 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Time in College Easily and Have Fun

September 21, 2023


Manage your time, seems a challenge no? ¿running from class to class, submitting your homework minutes before deadline, and huffing and puffing after rushing to the lab. Sounds familiar?

College takes up a lot of time and can be draining if you don’t know how to manage your time.

Plus, if you participate in mental and physical activities like sports, clubs, or any socialising, you may be exhausted all the time.

This can cause procrastination which greatly delays your duties. But, don’t fear! We’re here to give you 5 easy ways to better manage your time in college. 

After all, everyone needs some spare time to do everything you want to do, including sleeping in, partying, reading, or practically anything under the sun!

You deserve time for yourself and the things that give you joy. Come on!

1. Create a to-do list to manage your time easily

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Listing out your tasks for the week is very helpful. If possible, planning for the month ahead is good too!

This can sound daunting to those of you who are spontaneous and impulsive, but making a tentative plan helps you realize exactly the things you need to do!

Additonally, by having somewhere to check off what you have already done, you have a clear picture of what you still have left to do.

For some of us, this can also work as motivation to get through our tasks one at a time.

Similarly, creating a Google Sheet of all your assignments and their deadlines will help you plan your days better and help avoid procrastination or last-minute submission stress.

2. Discover your “time-wasters”


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Time wasters are the tasks that draw you away from much of your “work time.”

If you catch yourself doing things that are unproductive during the moment you’re actually supposed to be finishing some homework, you can call that your time waster.

For example, mindless scrolling on TikTok and Instagram can be fun, but not when you’re sitting in front of your laptop trying to squeeze in your assignment at the last minute! 

For this, you can either set a time limit on your phone in the settings, delete the app, or ask your friends to point it out if you’re working as a group.

This can literally give you back hours of your day that would otherwise go wasted. 

Cool, huh? We believe it, and you should too; self reflection and understanding yourself highlights these kinds of things.

Discovering these unnecessary activities will clear up your schedule immensely!

3. Create a routine that helps you manage your schedule

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One of the biggest moves to stop procrastination is having a routine. While it may be difficult at first, creating and sticking to a routine helps your brain focus and not put things off.

If consistently followed, a routine could change your life simply by getting you motivated to work at the right time. 

Specifically, by setting a specific time to study or work, you are reducing the decisions your brain needs to make.

This makes your brain think that the task is easy to do and finish, instead of seeing it as a never-ending burden.

4. Set achievable goals


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If you set easily achievable goals, you can complete those goals AND be proud of yourself for getting them done.

This will only encourage you to set more and more goals going forward.

Besides the gratification and satisfaction of ticking tasks off your list, you’ll actually be completing things at the pace you want to! 

Achievable goals can look like breaking down an assignment into smaller parts instead of trying to finish it in one go.

Going through it section by section can make you feel like you’re getting stuff done, which you are! How neat is that?

5. Manage your time at college as though it is work (9 am-5 pm)

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We know, we know, this sounds like a weird tip. Some of you can’t wait to start actually working, and some of you are dreading it.

But what we mean by treating college like it is work is having set timings for studying or finishing assignments. 

Of course, for some of you, it can’t actually be 9 a.m.-5 p.m. since you have classes before, after, or during.

But having set timings that work for you helps you keep a portion of the day that is all yours, with no work stress. This helps overall health, productivity, and chill time. 

It has helped many stick to their goals and actually get their work done, AND it leaves the entire night free! 

For example, let’s say your last class of the day ends at 2:45 p.m. Rather than chilling for a bit, go to the nearest cafe, library, or wherever you can focus, and begin your homework!

Keep this up till the hour you decided for the day! 

If you treat college like work, you are technically still “clocked in” and need to stay productive.

Doing this can achieve great results for academics!

All things considered, despite the distractions, there are many ways to discipline yourself and effectively manage your time in college.

If you follow any of our tips, you can transform your life and daily schedule!

We hope this helps!

Do you have other tips that have helped you and your friends manage your school time better?

Dana Kohn Business Management Assitant Intern at VisitMind


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