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Digital Self-Learning: Become an Awesome Professional Video Editor ASAP

August 31, 2023

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Self-learning is a “new “trend that is taking the world by storm. Fewer people are now applying to and attending college. Instead, they’re dismissing traditional jobs to learn digital skills from home and earn good money. This includes becoming a video editor.

Previously, though there were video editors, most of them worked 9-5 jobs for media corporations after graduating from college. Now? Students as young as 14 years old are becoming video editors from home after school just by learning their skills online. Don’t believe us? Read about Vince Opra, who began video editing when he was 13 years old.  

He learned how to use video editing tools like Adobe Premiere. By the time he was 15, Opra gained his first client, who paid him $500 every month for the editing of 30 Instagram Reels. At age 16, Opra was receiving $2,500 per month from clients, and by the time he turned of legal age, he had hit the six-figure range. 

Is Vince Opra’s story just one of the lucky ones who managed to make good money from video editing? Can you succeed with this skill too ? 

Self-Learning video editing in Adobe Premiere

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If you want to start video editing professionally, we strongly suggest that you learn and practice editing sample videos on Adobe Premiere. It is one of the most well-known tools and every prospective video editor should get experience on it. Adobe Premiere typically offers a month-long free trial when you first subscribe. After that, it costs around $20 per month. 

Bronislaw Andrus, a high-schooler who has been editing videos for his school’s video news class, says that Adobe Premiere offers more effects and editing tools than most free or low-cost applications like iMovie or WeVideo. Andrus adds that Adobe Premiere offers users a better layout for its editing space than iMovie, and also a way more comprehensive organization system. Given the efficiency of Adobe Premiere and the fact that practically every professional uses it, anyone who wants to get serious about video editing should consider it worth their time and money. It’s a great investment.

How to start as a video editor


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How can you become a good video editor? What does it take? Andrus explains that much of video editing is figuring out how to make the video look professional and telling a compelling story. But how does editing impact a story if the footage has already been filmed? Much like how the rough draft of a story needs grammar corrections and minor plot revisions, Andrus believes video editing is what turns raw footage into a coherent narrative.

Opra adds that independent video editing requires a lot of discipline. Unlike in a 9-5 job, “It’s very hard to do something when there isn’t someone who’s going to be shouting at you that you need to do it and get it done on time.”

Getting clients as a video editor


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To reiterate, it is vital that any aspiring video editor learns how to use Adobe Premiere, and is prepared to work hard. But once you have learned the skill, how do you obtain your first client?

Online influencer Ryan Magin has the answer. Instead of directly charging clients for the editing, first offer your service for free, and only charge your client if your edited videos get a certain amount of views. Magin suggests that for the first 100,000 views, the aspiring editor may charge $100.

For the first 500,000 views, $250, and for one million views, $500. Magin says: “What this does is it puts all the risk on you.

It’s a no-brainer offer for the creator or the brand because they’re only paying if they get results.”

Once you have attracted enough clients, you’ll be able to up your game and edit on more favorable terms.

We hope we get to see some videos edited by you soon!

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Do you have other tips on learning how to become a professional video editor? 

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