Stepping From College into Professional Life?

Start to apply what you know and learn doing it into the real world. Don’t wait for the internships.

Acquire new skills, convert your knowledge into actions, through curated content collected from, tech startups, organizations programs, universities initiatives, and more around the world.


what we do?

Curate Solutions to Help You

Access to tools that help you to make your work easier and resources to develop your skills and knowledge.



Catalog of tools focused on being quick and efficient doing your tasks, listed by categories.  



Initiatives, programs, hackathons, scholarships, and more, focused learn by doing.

Some of the tools



Control the time you spend on YouTube

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Listen to any article in your podcast app

Perfect Call

Transcribe and share video clips from your Zoom calls.

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A Global Community to Connect with Peers


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Create a network of peers to enrich your career, share experiences, and feel least lonely in the journey of the professional world.

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Receive weekly a new tool that will help you save time doing your tasks, and resources that will approach experiences of real life. 

As a gift, you will receive a free e-book with a list of tools to do the most of the use of your time when you study. It includes links to access and tutorials.

Making the step into the professional life, less hard

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