Tools to Transcribe notes Easily

Bored to take notes in your notebook?, do you listen the conferences and meetings while you are doing something more and always forget what was about it?, hey, here there is something that really can help you to solve this problems.

Perfect Call

Share video highlights from your Zoom calls.

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What is Perfect Call ?

A tool that record your zoom calls, transcribe them and share highlights of the calls.

How it works

Create your account through the “Perfect Call” website

2021 04 30 14 55 14 Window

Select the role for what you will use the tool

2021 04 30 14 56 14 Window

The tool will sync immediately with your calendar, so if you have calls through Zoom scheduled, they will be shown here.

2021 04 30 14 56 55 Window

You can set up your changes

2021 04 30 14 57 06 Window

After having done all these steps, the tool will give you a quick and easy tutorial about how to use the tool, I highly recommend seeing it because it explains how to use the tool.

2021 04 30 14 58 16 Window

Knowing a bit more about the platform, on the right side, up, you have two options, one of them, the “record meeting” button, there you can put the link of your Zoom meeting, another tab will open and it will start to record the meeting.

2021 04 30 15 09 21 Window e1619907995439
2021 05 01 14 20 00 Greenshot 1
2021 05 01 14 23 07 Greenshot

*An interesting fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the zoom meeting tab open it, just adding the link, the recording of the meeting will start, and, if you close the meeting, it will continue recording too.

2021 05 01 14 29 17 Window 1

After the meeting end, even the screen will be recording too.

2021 05 01 17 49 04 Window

The second button “Upload meeting” allows you to upload videos since your desktop, it will create transcriptions of them.

2021 04 30 15 09 21 Window 1

On the left side of the platform of the tool, you will notice these three option, you can suggest some ideas to add into the tool to the creators.

2021 05 01 17 53 40 Window

You can share your recording and highlights with your friends, partners.

2021 05 01 17 56 04 Window


  • Free to use.
  • You have direct contact with the creator through her email
  • The meeting will transcript it doesn’t matter if you have the tab of the zoom call open or not


  • You can’t create transcripts of pre-recording meetings.
  • Upload the videos for transcriptions can take some time.


Easy to use, avoid have to spend too much time in meetings while you can be doing other things and see the transcripts later.

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Take More Effective Typed Notes

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What is Automanus ?

This is a tool that auto-Generated Notes just by Clicking, while you are concentrated listen to the conference or you are doing something that is very important for you and you can’t keep listening to the whole time, Automanus takes the notes for you.

How it works

Visit the page of Automanus, this is linked above in the “Check it out” button, give click in “member login”.

2020 11 10 15 59 23 Window

After login, you will see a screen with the features of the tools, let’s go to explore part by part.

First, we are going to focus on the reminder and minutes features. Giving click in the bell, you can create a reminder for your classes.

2020 11 10 16 05 46 Window 4
2020 11 10 17 01 17 Window

Now, to check the minutes’ feature, in this bar, you can check the minutes that you have available, for each meeting, conference, or whatever thing that you record, the system will count the minutes that each record took.

2020 11 10 16 05 46 Window 3 e1605043122745

Not let’s go to the option record

2020 11 10 16 26 26 Window

Check this video to see the whole process about how it works, you can do this with each conference, video or whatever thing that you need to transcript

Now to explore the option “upload your lectures”

2020 11 11 16 10 20 Window


  • Free to use.
  • A tool very effective to do quick videos and send them to your friends.


  • When you are recording a session, if you strong background noises, the program will not record.


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Start conversations by dropping a comment on top of any app.

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What is Bubbles ?

An extension to record your screen, add comments and share it, whatever type of content in whatever type of format.

How it works

Download the extension from chrome, it will be added automatically to the bar, so fill your info.

Giving click on the extension, this screen will appear

2020 11 07 16 23 42 Window

There are different options, let’s go to start with the record screen, if you wish you can give access to the microphone or deny it.

2020 11 07 16 29 36 Window

After, another screen will appear you can choose if you want to share the screen or a specific page.

It will start to record the screen immediately, so, you can see at the left side those options

2020 11 07 16 35 01 Window

After you finish the record, a screen will open automatically showing the result

2020 11 07 16 43 50 Window

Giving click inside the video you can add more additional comments, a red circle will appear

2020 11 07 16 46 48 Window

Inside the platform of Bubble, below in the screen, you can see these three options,

  1. The blue circle with an arrow inside allow you share through email,
  2. The pink circle with the figure allow you to see your profile
  3. Finally, you can just copy the link
2020 11 07 16 46 58 Window

The next options capture the page and scroll and capture.

2020 11 07 17 02 21 Window

To capture the page you just need to give a click on the option, the screen automatically will be captured, as soon as the capture is done a screen will open automatically showing the capture. You will see this notification while the capture is being done.

2020 11 07 16 41 39 Window

Scroll and Capture give a click on the option and scroll the screen until the whole content is captured. While the capture is done you will have this notification.

Give right-click with your mouse you can see that bubbles is added like a shortcut.

2020 11 07 21 28 56 Greenshot


  • Free to use.
  • It has a slack community to join and share feedback about the tool.


  • Make sure that you are logged into the extension before starting to record another way you will lose your whole record.


The Chrome extension allows you to with only one click record, easy, quick, and write comments where you need.

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