Tools for Students

  • Blinkist – Unlock Knowledge

    More Knowledge in less time

    Profound knowledge in just 15 mins

    Blinkist is a tool where you have a huge variety insights of from books and podcasts to read or listen to in 15 mins


    🟣App available on Apple Store and Google PlayStore

    🟣Insights of 15 mins of books and podcasts in +20 categories

    🟣Collection of free essential books for college students


    💸You can start with a free trial of 7 days

    💸After the plans start from $8.34 per month

    How it works

    Blinkist is an app created with the idea of understanding powerful ideas in 15 mins, as their headline says.


    When you install the app, you have the option to select your interest through different categories that they show you at the beginning

    Copy of 1694893828062 1 e1694894143135

    Once you log your info, you’ll see different book recommendation based on the interests that you previously selected

    1694893828046 e1694894182428

    When you select a book that you’re interested in, you have the option to “Read Blinks” or “Play Blinks”.

    An explanation about what the book is about, the estimated time, and the number of key ideas that this has to offer.

    1694893828027 e1694894218397

    You can also explore other categories, and topics, or authors

    1694893828003 e1694894256320

    You have your own library

    1694893827983 e1694894296973

    You can create spaces for your family and friends to enjoy and share recommendations

    1694893827966 e1694894350411


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  • Get Books – If You Love Read

    From experts and influential people

    For Books Lovers


    🟣Find books relevant and important people recommend

    🟣You can find gift recommendations for avid readers

    🟣Find books by series and list


    💸 You can use the tool for free

    How to use it?

    Most recommended books is a tool where you can find all kinds of books, series, experts list, and even gifts all for readers.

    So if you love to read, this tool will be like a dream to you, let’s go to see

    On the website, you can a menu with different options.

    To start, you can research the book that you’re looking

    Captura de pantalla 2023 08 15 165149

    You’ll find recommendations from popular and important public figures.

    Captura de pantalla 2023 08 15 165019

    Next, you can find the list of books that the website contains.

    Captura de pantalla 2023 08 15 165028

    Also books by series.

    Captura de pantalla 2023 08 15 165035


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  • Bubbles – Record videos

    Record videos and take screenshots easily.

    Record Videos Like a Pro

    Bubbles is a tool to take screenshots, record videos, and record the screen with a click.


    🟣 Record videos

    🟣 Record screen

    🟣 Take screenshots

    🟣 You can write comments on your screenshots and videos

    🟣 You have your own dashboard with your content

    🟣 It has a Google Chrome extension with 30,000+ users

    🟣 It has a shortcut that you can find on each website that you visit

    🟣 It has a Slack community


    💸 Free with limited options

    💸 Premium plan starts from $8 USD

    How does it work?

    The tool has a shortcut that you can find on the left side in the inferior part of your screen on any website that you visit, allowing you easily to execute the functionalities that Bubbles has.

    record videos


    You can send your videos, recordings, and screenshots through email to the people with who you want to share the content.

    send screenshot image


    Also, you have access to your own space, a dashboard, where you can add comments to your content, record and screenshot something additional

    dashboard bubbles

    Have you used Bubbles? Feel free to leave your comments below 😉


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  • Liner – Summarize content

    AI for reseaches

    Summarize Content Easily

    Liner is a tool to summarize content from any website and highlight the best research of Google for you.


    🟣Summarize content from any website

    🟣It has an AI assistant who can help you to summarize the articles

    🟣Suggest you the best info on the Google research

    🟣You can highlight, translate and save the most important info from any website

    🟣The AI assistant helps you to dive deeper and understand easily any piece of info


    💸 Free with limited options

    💸 Premium plan starts from $24, which is a bit high

    How does it work?

    Liner suggests the most relevant research that fits your intentions allowing you the same time save your favorite articles in your own space in Liner.

    liner explanation

    Also, Liner shows you how many people have saved the page. The results that Liner highlights for you are those with the right fit for what you’re looking for.

    You can create your own categories and categorize your information.

    categories liner

    Liner also has an AI that shows up on the superior right side of every website that you visit.

    liner ai

    Giving click on this little notification a pop will show offering different options to choose from.

    Where you can select to outline the information through different questions suggested by AI or add your questions also.

    summarize content

    Have you used Bubbles? Feel free to leave your comments below 😉


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  • Tactiq – Live transcriptions

    Live Transcripts of your meetings

    Amazing Live Transcriptions

    Tactiq is a tool that makes live transcriptions of your meetings in Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, and Webex.


    🟣Transcript your  meetings in real-time

    🟣Identify the speaker talking and the transcript with their names and what the person says

    🟣You can take screenshots during your meetings

    🟣Send you the transcription at the end of your meeting to your email

    🟣You can share the transcription for your meeting

    🟣A tool used for 250,000+ users


    💸 Free for 10 monthly meetings

    💸 Premium plan starts from $8

    How does it work?

    When you join a call, on the right side of the screen you’ll see this pop.

    tactiq notification

    You can reduce the side of the pop here

    reduce size pop up

    As soon as you join your meeting you’ll see the system starts immediately to transcript your conversations in the meeting, you can even write notes.

    You’ll see this new addition that contains different features

    pop with features tactiq

    After the meeting finish, so you’ll receive an email with the transcriptions

    email with live transcriptions

    You can find also in your Google Drive a folder with all the transcriptions

    google drive transctiptions

    Have you used Bubbles? Feel free to leave your comments below 😉


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  • InstaCap – Great Screenshots

    Tool to take screenshots easily

    Take Screenshots Faster



    🟣Take screenshots

    🟣Add annotations to your captures adding comments and indications

    🟣Share your screenshots through email or a link

    🟣It has a Google Chrome extension


    💸 Free version with a lot of features.

    💸 A premium version is coming soon starting from $25

    What it is

    InstaCap is a tool similar to bubbles but with some different options. You can’t record videos with this tool.

    The extension in Chrome offers you three different options to take screenshots


    With whatever option you choose, after you do your capture you’ll see a dashboard where you can edit all your content

    Captura de pantalla 2023 08 15 171330

    You can also share the link or download the capture

    Captura de pantalla 2023 08 15 171619

    Add new captures and edit them also

    Captura de pantalla 2023 08 15 171726


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  • Routinery – Simple Routines

    Routines for fun

    Self-Care Routines Simple and Fun

    It’s easy to create a routine but you know how hard is to keep a routine, you start with a goal, and suddenly laziness attacks you. No more routine.

    Routinery is an app that helps you to manage your routine easily without struggling so much.


    🟣Create a routine easily with a simple form

    🟣Customize your routine to your preferences

    🟣You can find the app on Google Play Store and Apple Store

    🟣Level up according to your stickiness to your routines

    🟣Get routine recommendations

    🟣Explore how other users are coping with their routines


    💸You have a free trial of 7 seven days

    💸Premium plan start from 1 month for $4.00

    Routinery for sure is a great app if you want to make a last try to keep on your routine, the app has many features that you can customize and adapt to your needs.

    You can start by creating a routine, for whatever thing that you want to keep doing or improving.  As you can see in the image below there are different options to select and customize.


    You can also add subtasks to your current routine

    1693516089259 e1693516359289


    They have an interesting feature that we never have seen in any other app (at least until now haha) and that is that you can choose some of the recommended routines and add them to your personal routine



    1693516089210 e1693516447111

    Also, you can check the section “Social” and see how other users are doing with their routines, probably it can work like motivation if you also struggle with it.


    You can measure your results, which is great. They have a section of “Analysis” where you can see your current level, how many days you have to keep doing your routines and add notes if that’s the case.


    Another curious feature is that it seems that the app is talking to you, clicking on the highlighted black words, you can see different messages showing up, Is not that cool?

    1693516089179 e1693516649717



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