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Blinkist – Unlock Knowledge

Profound knowledge in just 15 mins

Blinkist is a tool where you have a huge variety insights of from books and podcasts to read or listen to in 15 mins


🟣App available on Apple Store and Google PlayStore

🟣Insights of 15 mins of books and podcasts in +20 categories

🟣Collection of free essential books for college students


💸You can start with a free trial of 7 days

💸After the plans start from $8.34 per month

How it works

Blinkist is an app created with the idea of understanding powerful ideas in 15 mins, as their headline says.


When you install the app, you have the option to select your interest through different categories that they show you at the beginning

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Once you log your info, you’ll see different book recommendation based on the interests that you previously selected

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When you select a book that you’re interested in, you have the option to “Read Blinks” or “Play Blinks”.

An explanation about what the book is about, the estimated time, and the number of key ideas that this has to offer.

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You can also explore other categories, and topics, or authors

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You have your own library

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You can create spaces for your family and friends to enjoy and share recommendations

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