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Bubbles – Record videos

Record Videos Like a Pro

Bubbles is a tool to take screenshots, record videos, and record the screen with a click.


🟣 Record videos

🟣 Record screen

🟣 Take screenshots

🟣 You can write comments on your screenshots and videos

🟣 You have your own dashboard with your content

🟣 It has a Google Chrome extension with 30,000+ users

🟣 It has a shortcut that you can find on each website that you visit

🟣 It has a Slack community


💸 Free with limited options

💸 Premium plan starts from $8 USD

How does it work?

The tool has a shortcut that you can find on the left side in the inferior part of your screen on any website that you visit, allowing you easily to execute the functionalities that Bubbles has.

record videos


You can send your videos, recordings, and screenshots through email to the people with who you want to share the content.

send screenshot image


Also, you have access to your own space, a dashboard, where you can add comments to your content, record and screenshot something additional

dashboard bubbles

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