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Happy Eyes – Protect Eyes From Computer Screen

Protect eyes from computer screen, yes, that’s what “Happy Eyes” does, a tool different from the others, at least we don’t have heard about something like this.

This tool like its website describes “Protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). We know how negative is to see the screen computer without rest or barely rest during the whole day.

The goal of “Happy Eyes” is to help you to give a rest to your eyes, and, according to them, “give you a gentle reminder to take a break every 20 minutes and look away at some object located 20ft (6 meters) away from you for 20 seconds”


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How Does This Tool Protect Eyes From Computer Screen?

A simple answer, set timers, and exercises to reduce eye strain

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What are the symptoms of eye strain?

With many of us glued to our digital screens throughout the day, eye strain (also known as ‘computer vision syndrome’ or ‘digital eye strain’) is quite a common 21st century condition! From headaches to sore eyes and sensitivity to light, the Happy Eyes team will take you through the telltale symptoms of CVS. Whilst the condition is no fun to experience, keep in mind that it’s rarely the sign of a more serious problem and it can be treated by taking a short 20-minute break during the day. Happy eyes, happy mind!

How to reduce eye strain?

Got a headache from spending too much time staring at a digital screen? With eye strain or computer vision syndrome affecting around 70-90% of regular computer users at some point, there’s no doubt you’d like to learn a few simple tricks to ease the pressure. Keep reading as the Happy Eyes team take you through four easy exercises to reduce eye strain, that will have you seeing your day in a whole new light.

You can set a time or create your own set up your break timers. They offer different features that you can customize to your preference

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When your break time arrives, the tool shows you exercises that you can do

protect eyes from computer screen

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